Adirondack Chairs

Everything You Need To Know About Adirondack Chairs

wooden adirondack chairsThomas Lee first designed the unique and interesting Adirondack chairs in the early 1900’s. This comfortable chair was originally created for outdoor purposes.

However, it can also be used all year round and is perfect for the living room when it is too cold to enjoy the weather outside and on stormy nights.
Some of the great aspects of the Adirondack chair include the wide armrests, curved back that comfortably wraps around the body and deep seats. Just perfect for holding a drink or setting a book.

When shopping for Adirondack chairs it is vital to consider the various chair material in terms of their advantages and disadvantages in order to make informed decisions and avoid disappointments.

Modern Adirondack Chair Wood Types:

Pros, cons and maintenance requirements:


Cedar is very popular mainly for its durability especially in drizzly areas. Moreover, it produces oil known as cypressene which helps protect it against insect infestation and rot.
The original red tone of Cedar Adirondack chairs can be tweaked or preserved using wood stain in order to ensure that the reddish hue does not fade to a coastal grey.

On the other hand, cedar chairs will splinter and check over time unless resealing maintenance and the requisite annual refinishing are carried out.

This means that cedar Adirondack chairs are perfect for people who reside in rainy areas and want their chairs to have that faint red tone.

Pine Adirondack Chairs

Pine is cherry and affordable. The bright yellow tone of pine can also be changed with wood stain. With the passage of time, pine can also fade to a coastal grey if it is not maintained properly.

Though pine chairs are a bit cheaper, they have a few disadvantages. First, it suffers rot and insect infestation at a faster rate than woods such as cedar, which are moisture resistant.
Therefore, pine Adirondack chair owners must vigilantly refinish their chairs at least once every year.

So if you don’t mind the added maintenance and upkeep, pine will be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, pine chairs can be dinged and scratched easily because pine is a softwood too.

Chairs Of Oak

Although oak is less moisture resistant than cedar, it is quite heavy and very durable. However,it requires regular sealing.

Stains and moisture sealants work well on Oak, but it is still important to wipe any spills and rinse them away. Its also important to keep oak adirondack chairs out of direct sunlight when not in use if possible.

Oak chairs will reward good maintenance by holding their good looks well. They are attractive chairs and apart from the look, they have a nice solid appearance.


Teak is mainly a tropical wood that retains extreme harness and good appearance for decades without regular maintenance. Teak contains a special oil that prevents insect infestations, rot and checking.

Although teak Adirondack chairs do not require sealing as much as other types of timber described above, regular sealing enhances its look.

Teak chairs are great if you are planning to leave the chair out in the elements and if you abhor maintenance but love the natural look of wood. Teak will not rot even when it comes into direct contact with soil. which makes them fine for use on the lawn or in the backyard. Given that teak is such a durable timber, sealing intervals can be extended.
The only downside about teak Adirondack chairs is that they can be quite expensive.

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs

highwood adirondack chair laptop tableModern technology now allows plastic to be recycled and turned into material which looks for all the world like timber or lumber.
The great part about this, is that not only is it environmentally friendly, it also comes in a huge range of colors and textures.
Surprisingly, it really is hard to tell that its not timber.

Commercially, brands like Polywood are well known.
The colors will not fade and there are no problems about the material cracking, warping or splintering.
A secondary benefit of recycled plastic adirondack chairs is that is weathers really well and can handle exposure to even bright sunlight.

Adirondack Chair Accessories

Add Comfortable Accessories Such As Puffy Pillows, Chair Cushions And Seat Covers.

Comfort is the key to a magnetizing experience. You can add a set of tie-on Adirondack seat cushions in order to add polish and make your chair luxuriously comfortable.
However, you should ensure that you settle for strong moisture resistant outdoor fabric when choosing Adirondack chair cushions in order to avoid mold and mildew problems.

Add An Ottoman

Adding an Ottoman to your Adirondack chair can make the entire experience heavenly. The Ottoman supports your legs and it can double up as a table.

No matter what type of Adirondack chairs you choose, proper preventative maintenance and some time spent in keeping them looking good will ensure they last for years.