Outdoor Chairs

A Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Chairs

white outdoor chairsThe idea of having an outdoor chair or a bench in the garden is nothing new.
It has always been nice to have somewhere to sit and enjoy what we have created, but the purpose of the outdoor chair has evolved over the years. Whether its for dining or relaxing or perhaps rocking your rocking chair in the peace of the evening it’s still important to choose the most appropriate seating.
These days we are taking much more time picking out the perfect seat in the perfect style. Our gardens and yards, with their patios and decks, are becoming extensions of the houses, like special little alfresco rooms.
These extra lounges and dining areas need appropriate seating.

This guide to outdoor chairs takes a look at the different functions and materials, as well as the key trends, and styles of outdoor chairs to help you with your seating dilemmas.

Outdoor Chair Options

It is important to understand the purpose of your outdoor area and the space that is available before choosing a chair.
If the patio or deck is a place primarily for dining then it is best to look for chairs that can be easily moved around, come in sets to accommodate plenty of diners and can withstand any spills.

Great examples of these are plastic outdoor chairs because even though they may be seen as the cheap and easy option, there are plenty of stylish, quirky designs out there. Often, they are foldable and stackable and they can be left outside with little fuss.

An interesting alternative to plastic is aluminium because the coatings are easy to clean, rust resistant and they are much lighter than other metals.

If the area is, instead, designed purely for relaxation, then a chair that is larger and more comfortable will be better suited, something where it doesn’t matter it is too heavy to move around or if there are fabrics involved.

Cast iron outdoor chairs and benches are a common favourite, with some consumers preferring classic, simple shapes like the retro adirondack chairs and others going more ornate with sculptures sitting on one half of the bench.

The only real problem with choosing metal seats with pretty, fabric cushions is that you will need to invest in some extra protection to keep them free from damage in wet weather.

Trends For Outdoor Chairs

All these different styles and forms are all well and good but for many home owners, fashionable trends are just as important as comfort or practically.

The most recent Garden Trend Report uncovered a lot of interesting new attitudes to gardening and backyard design.
For example, there is increasing social trend for garden parties and the key focus appears to be finding a balance between beauty and a small carbon footprint via ecologically friendly products.
People are now searching for everything from garden art and outdoor chandeliers to clever water features and stylish furniture, all with a keen eye on the impact of the piece, the materials used and the philosophy of the the manufacturer.

Because of this lean towards environmentalism, metal is being left behind and wood is becoming the material of choice for outdoor chairs. There has always been a lot of versatility in buying a wooden garden chair but now consumers are being drawn towards objects made from local, ethically sourced timber or, better yet, reclaimed wood.

Chairs and benches from old railway sleepers are a great example of how simple this trend can be, but chairs made of driftwood can be even more stylish and unusual.

Plastic patio chairs are also a part of this ecological trend, with recycled plastics being easily moulded into new shapes, and it is also worth taking a look at bamboo. Wicker style outdoor chairs are seen as having a dual role. They can be seen as both casual and formal.

Perhaps you are looking more for the casual and totally relaxed approach, so outdoor rocking chairs might be just perfect.

A wealth of designs of outdoor chairs means it possible to recreate almost any vision for the garden.

These ideas for bringing outdoor seating trends into your own backyard or garden may be just what you have been looking for if you are trying to keep up with fashionable exterior design; on the other hand, there is a good chance these styles wont meet your personal preferences or you still prefer practicality over conversation starters.

As you can see there are many directions to take: you can go with the flow of ecologically-friendly wooden chairs, stick with the conventional and practical multicolored plastic options or go really crazy and opt for weird objects like light-up cubes.

Such a choice is arguably more about seeking attention than comfort and is best suited for night-time parties rather than casual barbecues. The choice is up to you, just don’t forget about the underlying purpose of the outdoor chair when those strange designs and philosophies catch your eye.