Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Find The Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs

outdoor rocking chairs recycledThere are times when I wish my comfortable outdoor chair was also a rocking chair.
Often, in the backyard, I think how nice it would be just to rock gently and doze off.

My idea of a long tiring day in the office has been to relax in my outdoor rocking chair to appreciate the scenic beauty surrounding my home.

There are many different types of rocking chairs available in the market. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to choose indoor or outdoor rocking chairs for your home. In this post, I’ve discussed some excellent tips to choose the best outdoor rocking chair.

Indoor Or Outdoor Rocking Chair?

This is one of the most important considerations while buying a rocking chair. If you want a rocking chair in the family room or by the fireplace, you should choose a timber or cushioned rocking chair and concentrate on the style and finish.

Things are completely different for the backyard or outdoors.
If you’re planning to buy an outdoor rocking chair for your front porch or garden, better options are:

  • Painted brazilian cherry wood.
  • Scented cedar or teak wood rocking chair.
  • Recycled plastic wood.

Such chairs can withstand the elements much better and require little maintenance to keep them in good shape, even if exposed to the sun.

The recycled plastic chairs, unlike wood, will never split, warp or crack.


outdoor rocking chairs green umbrellaWhile browsing through outdoor rocking chairs, I always look for more comfort and stability. For many years,
outdoor rocking chairs have been used for therapeutic purposes.

Many people use these chairs to get some relief from back pain. I used to suffer from lower back problems, and never found myself comfortable in standard wooden chairs.

But my rocking chair is perfect to support my back while I read the morning newspaper or sip a cup of coffee.

Before you choose a rocking chair, you should ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Does the outdoor rocking chair provide support and seating comfort?
  • Will the chair’s height support your elbows and arms?
  • Can the armrests provide the right balance and help you comfortably rest your arms?
  • Does the back offer flexibility?
  • Do the seats recline to fit your whole back and provide more support to your lower back?


A rocking chair should always be pitched correctly. In simple terms, it should be able to provide a smooth
motion without tipping.
Even when you’re sitting in a reclining position, you should not feel uncomfortable. If it feels like you’re about to flip backwards, you should probably choose something else. Moreover, a single push should be
able to rock the chair for a few minutes.


Prior to purchasing your outdoor rocking chairs, you need to gather more information about the construction of the chair.
Rocking chairs need to be constructed from high quality, durable materials using latest techniques.
Some of the techniques for constructing high quality rocking chairs include interlocking joinery, (construction without glue) and Maloof technique (using seven laminated wooden strips to strengthen each ski used in the design).

Home Patio and Outdoor Décor

Personally speaking, I purchased my first outdoor rocking chair to enhance the appeal of my porch.
If you’re planning to buy a rocking chair for style and aesthetic appeal, you need to consider your home decor and design.
For instance, if your home has a lot of woodwork, a rocking chair made from natural timber may be your best choice.
Similarly, you will also have to choose between oiling, painting and varnishing. These factors will play an important role to make sure a rocking chair suits your home backyard and patio décor.

Price Range

This is perhaps the most important consideration while buying outdoor rocking chairs. Regardless of your budget, you can easily choose a high quality rocking chair in the market.
Rocking chairs are available in many different sizes, shapes and construction materials to suit every budget.
If you don’t want to exceed your budget, you can even buy second hand rocking chairs.


Last but not the least, you need to determine if you want the rocking chair assembled or you have the right kind of tools to assemble it yourself.
In case you don’t want to assemble the chair on your own, you can hire professional carpenters or let the seller get it done for you at a nominal fee.

While choosing between outdoor rocking chairs, I always consider these tips to make sure I choose the best product at an affordable price.
Whether you want to watch the sun go down, read a novel or relax after a tiring day, a rocking chair will be a perfect addition to your outdoor space.