Patio Furniture

What Type Of Patio Furniture Is Best For You?

patio furniture setPatio furniture is an effective way of creating a welcoming, cozy and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors in the privacy, comfort, and luxury of your own home.

However, choosing the best type can be quite overwhelming mainly because of the variations in materials and the different styles made from them. The type of material and the style you settle for should depend on the climate where you live, your personal preference, your budget, whether the area is covered or uncovered among other factors.

Therefore, it is vital to carefully think things through and keep your priorities in mind in order to make the process of choosing patio furniture easy and straightforward.
When choosing new outdoor setting the most important factor you should consider is the material because it helps determine various other aspects of the furniture.

The most common materials are metal, wood, wicker and rattan, and plastic.

Types Of Patio Furniture – Their Pros And Cons


wooden patio furniture setWood has the advantages of being durable, strong and brings versatility mainly because it can stand up to various weather elements such as summer storms and hot sun very well.

Moreover, the wood used in outdoor chairs and tables, such as teak and cedar, can be used comfortably in coastal areas that can easily cause damage (elemental) to other types of materials.

Keep wooden patio pieces well treated with a strong water resistant coating, in order to prevent cracks and damage from the rain.

Wood is very strong and rigid and hence perfect for people who do a lot of entertaining. On the other hand, you can use a new coat of paint to change the look of your wooden patio furniture to the color of your choice.

Always ensure that you seek out the type of wood that is native to your location. Most importantly, if you paint and apply protective oil and timber treatment on a regular basis, the furniture will maintain its aesthetic appeal and last for a long time.

Teak is probably the most popular choice for wooden outdoor furniture for some very good reasons. Teak has a very tight grain and produces a luxurious finish. In addition, it contains some natural oils which help prevent cracking and warping. Teak patio furniture is functional and durable as well as evergreen in style.

Wicker, Rattan and Resin Wicker

Wicker and rattan patio furniture is a decent choice for people who love changing the décor of their outdoor entertaining area without buying new furniture pieces every time.

Resin wicker is lightweight and a bit flexible, making it perfect for moving frequently.

Although rattan is technically a tree, it grows along the ground like a vine. Rattan vines are peeled and steamed in order to make them pliable and then woven with other materials such as bamboo slats to produce wicker for making furniture.

Before choosing wood and rattan, it is important to consider the type of climate in the area you live since they do not do well in overly arid areas and areas with lingering moisture.

Besides being a natural and cheaper alternative to hardwood, wicker and rattan patio pieces do not require a lot of maintenance.

Metal and Aluminum

Metal is virtually weatherproof and hence very durable, so you do not have to worry about your metal patio furniture being damaged even in extreme weather conditions. Although they are slightly more expensive when compared to other types of materials, there are significant savings when it comes to maintenance and upkeep.

Metal patio furniture sets can also contain multiple chairs which is an advantage when there is a large group enjoying the backyard.
The main types of metal used in construction of patio seating and tables include aluminum, tubular metal and wrought iron.

Wrought Iron

Besides being very durable, wrought iron is very popular because of the stylish and classic feel it adds to patio.
Although it is heavy and quite expensive, wrought iron pieces require very little maintenance.
For example, a new coat of paint once per year will help maintain the aesthetic appeal of the patio furniture for years.
Moreover, wrought iron patio chairs and tables are very sturdy, so that they can be safe and comfortable for people of all sizes. Although it is heavy enough not to be blown away in strong winds, its weight does not make it too difficult to move.


Aluminum is commonly used commercially for outside furniture, mainly because it is tough, lightweight and easy to maintain.

This is the reason why most businesses such as public schools, resorts, outdoor bars, restaurants, and hospitals use aluminum furnishings.

Aluminum is lighter than wrought iron and a good choice for people who need to move their furniture frequently. Although aluminum patio furniture is a bit expensive, the cost pays off over time because it lasts indefinitely.

Tubular Steel

Tubular metal patio furniture pieces are the least expensive among the available types of metals. It can withstand the bumps and thumps of everyday use and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Tubular steel tends to be less attractive than wrought iron or aluminum.

Its major disadvantage is its light weight so it can be blown away by strong winds.
It can also be bent and damaged easily and it can never quite regain its original shape.

PVC Or Plastic Patio Furniture

PVC or stackable plastic furniture is cheapest easily available option. They only require to be wiped and cleaned with water and mild soap and therefore the maintenance costs are quite low.

They stand up quite well against most weather elements except wind.

For a very long time, most people believed that they can break easily because they are not very sturdy and it can become a safety issue especially if little children use it frequently because it tends to break or tip over.

Nowadays this is the opposite. You can get some excellent plastic patio furniture such as ottomans, coffee tables, chairs, tables and more.
The more stylish plastic patio furniture looks like sculpted wood. This is the best option for someone looking for some quick and cheap patio furniture that can be easily stored.

How often you use your patio furniture, what you use it for, as well as the number of people using it at a particular time are the main factors that help determine the type of patio furniture material that is best for you.
A comfortable chair is very essential especially for outdoor conversation. In order to ensure that you spend enjoyable and leisurely time outdoors, invest in a comfortable set of patio furniture.