Yard Games

Popular Backyard Games

popular yard games bocce horseshoes baggoAre you looking for activities to enjoy in your backyard?
Well, then to make the majority of your time enjoyable and special, you might want to consider indulging in a few of the most popular backyard games.

These have been especially designed keeping in mind the whole family. By spending sometime in your own backyard, you will not just spend quality time but also get to have loads of fun with your family.
Several different yard games are currently popular.

The Cornhole yard game and variations is probably the most common. It’s great for small kids, but adults seem to really enjoy the challenge as well.
These games can be enjoyed for a fairly reasonable price. You will be able to purchase the sport supplies, in case you do not already own them.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the most played outdoor games for backyards.

Horsehoes Yard Game

Horseshoes is a great game that can be easily played in your backyard, at the beach or at a park. This game requires ground stakes which are supposed to be strongly supported in order to stay intact such as sand or ground dirt.
This game has been around for many, many years and has it’s origins from a time when folks used to make the best of what they had.
The simplicity of this game is probably one of the biggest reasons it has survived for so long. .

Cornhole Yard Game

cornhole yard games board and bags US Flag colorsCornhole is a great game that can be played by individuals of all ages and requires vary few special skills. This is why it makes for the perfect lawn game for practically any event.
If you are unable to find a cornhole bag or a cornhole board locally, you could consider making one yourself. Plans are readily available and it’s not a complicated process.
Corn toss (as it’s sometimes known) has fast become one of the most the most effective and interesting ways to entertain guests at a party.
Thus, the next time you are planning your big yard event or a barbecue cookout, ensure that you have your corn hole boards and bags ready. Bag toss is truly a fun lawn game that kids and adults alike, can play and enjoy.
The key goal of this game is to toss the corn bags into a hole or on to the board to earn points.

Ladder Ball Yard Game

Ladder Toss is an incredibly fun summer lawn game.
It is really easy to play and in lots of ways really gets you in.
ladderball yard games with balls Typically, there is a ladder that has 3 rungs. A player will toss 2 balls connected by a single string towards the ladder.

  • If this hangs onto the bottom rung, that player will score three points.
  • The middle rung will earn you two points.
  • The top rung will earn you one point.

Also known as ladder golf,the ultimate goal of this game is that the winning team gets 21 points.

Bocce Yard Game

Bocce ball isn’t restricted to a formal court. You can turn almost any space into a classic bocce ball court. The backyard is the perfect place
Bocce ball is an interesting lawn game with really simple rules to be followed. The best part of this game is its simplicity that lends a special charm. It’s non stressful and challenging.
A ball which is the size of a grapefruit, usually about 4 inches (106mm), is tossed and hurled at smaller different colored ball some distance away.
By getting close to your target, you can earn more points. That’s really all you need to know about Bocce to have loads of fun. There are various intrinsic details and nuances to this fantastic lawn game that you can learn.

Putt Putt Games

putt putt yard gameThe putt putt game is actually better known as the ‘miniature golf’ game.
As it’s name suggests, it is basically a golf game without the golf course . Like golf, putt putt also involves the use of clubs for playing golf balls on a mini golf course. The holes in this miniature game can be any size or distance you want and while kits can be purchased, it’s much more fun to design and build your own.
The playing “fields” are often modified to make them more exciting for all the players. Thus, it incorporates various obstacles such as geometric obstacles, similar other devices and ruts. This in turn will challenge and fascinate the players and also add a visually stimulating scenario.


Baggo is a fascinating game that involves bean-bag tossing. It is ideal for 2 or more players. This game is played by tossing the bean bags at a specified target.
A hole is secured in the middle of this target and the players can score points each time the bean bag enters this hole. This game can be played by players of all ages. It is an exciting family pastime.
As you have probably noticed, there are an array of backyard game activities that you and your whole family can easily enjoy. In fact, these above listed backyard games are just a few of the multitude that are available.
In order to know more about various other activities, it may be a good idea to look for additional suggestions. You may possibly be alerted to some exciting and new fun backyard activities or games that you would have never heard of before. These games can be great fun for quality family time.
Since backyard games are ever evolving, you should check out the most recent and popular backyard games. Thus, you can truly start to have incredible fun!